About Haematex



Haematex Research Pty Ltd was formed in Sydney in 2004 by scientists from Australian hospital laboratories and Gradipore/Life Diagnostics. Gradipore had international success in commercializing the dilute Russells viper venom (RVV) test for lupus anticoagulants and we have developed this further to a liquid stable and more specific system.

Our projects have included developing a factor Xa activated clotting test (XACT) for procoagulant phospholipid (PPL test) licenced to Diagnostica Stago. This detects prothrombotic risk in cancer and (probably) cardiac disease.

We have also assisted Hyphen BioMed, Sysmex, Enzyme Research Lab and others in successful R&D projects. We have developed methods for collagen, ellagic acid complex and other compounds useful in coagulation testing and blood/biomaterials research.

Our special interest is in the development of improved tests for bleeding and clotting disorders. Especially for acquired and therapeutic coagulation inhibitors. Thus, we have novel APTT reagents and a RVV-based test for all the new direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs).

Most recently we have developed DOAC Stop™, an activated carbon product which specifically withdraws DOACs from patient samples, thus allowing valid routine tests to be carried out despite the initial presence of DOACs. We would be delighted to interact with any like-minded researchers.


Selected Research


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