Haematex was founded by Thomas Exner PhD, a well known blood coagulation expert specialising in coagulation methods. With over 35 years experience, he has has made numerous presentations at haematology meetings, published over 100 papers, and has several patents. He is responsible for the one stage dilute Russells Viper venom test (dRVT) that is widely used for detecting lupus anticoagulants. He worked for 20 years in Haematology labs at Royal Prince Alfred and Westmead Hospitals in Sydney, becoming increasingly involved with research, quality control matters and diagnostic test development in the blood coagulation area. His special area of interest includes prothrombotic conditions, detection of which may predict strokes and heart attacks. He now runs his own company Haematex Research which has patented and developed the XACT test for assessing hypercoagulability. Haematex Research has collaborations with various international diagnostic companies and provides specialised consulting services.




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