Bioporto - NGAL

The NGAL Test is a market leading unique immunoassay solution for early risk assessment of acute kidney injury in several medical and surgical specialties. NGAL levels are a more precise and sensitive marker for diagnosing AKI (Acute Kidney Injury) than serum creatinine levels. In fact, the increase in urinary excretion of NGAL has been proven to be due to tubular alterations that take place before any damage can be detected by other methods. Therefore, monitoring NGAL levels reduces delayed AKI diagnosis and treatment. Using a more sensitive and specific marker allows for earlier diagnosis, correct responses to AKI, and reduced risk of morbidity and mortality.


NGAL (monomer) recombinant human
NGAL recombinant mouse
NGAL recombinant rat
NGAL recombinant dog
NGAL recombinant pig
NGAL recombinant monkey