Mannan Binding Lectin

An important factor in the innate immunity system is Mannan-binding lectin (MBL). Compared to other deficiencies in the complement system the incidence of MBL deficiency is high – and low levels of MBL are associated with increased risk of infection in toddlers.BioPorto offers the unique sandwich ELISA assay, which is the only assay built with the widely used MBL antibody (HYB 131-01). More than 100 scientific references are using this assay and BioPorto is offering this as the MBL Oligomer ELISA Kit solution for measuring functional MBL in patients with primary immune deficiencies (PID).


MBL Oligomer ELISA Kit
MBL standard serum (human)
Anti-MBL (human)
Anti-MBL (human, horse, pig)
MBL oligomer deficient serum, B/C genotype (human)
Human MBL Matched Antibody Pair