Haematex R&D has resulted in a patented method for procoagulant phospholipid (XACT test) which detects microparticles and platelet activation. This low cost method for detecting hypercoagulability has been licensed to a major diagnostic company. We have developed lupus anticoagulant sensitive and LA resistant APTT coagulation reagents in liquid and powder forms and dRVVT in powder form for preparation of freeze dried or frozen reagents. We can supply phospholipids (both native and synthetic), contact activators and equine collagen for platelet function testing. We are keen to engage in practical R&D with any group seeking to develop new methods, reagents or test kits.


New or Novel Oral Anti Coagulants test


New or novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs) include direct inhibitors of thrombin (eg dabigatran) as well as factor Xa (eg rivaroxaban, apixaban and edoxaban). The latter are difficult to quantitate using current clotting methods and chromogenic assays for individual NOACs have been developed. NOAC test reagent is a modified phospholipid-rich dilute Russells viper venom reagent with enhanced sensititivity to the new oral anti-coagulants. The reagent is ready for use and stable for approximately 1 year stored at 4°C.

We are currently offering free samples for trial. Contact us for more details.

X9211 - 6 x 8m vials