Other Haematex Products



COLLAGEN (EQUINE FIBROUS TYPE I/III) RUO Purified from horse Achilles tendons. Suitable for CBA ELISAs. Solutions also available for platelet aggregation testing. X9310 1gm vial
SOLCOLL(Solution) RUO Solubilised full length equine collagen type I/III for use in platelet aggregation testing, platelet adhesion and collagen binding studies. Supplied as a stable 200ug/ml suspension at pH 7.2. X9315 10ml vial
ALUMINA GEL ADSORBENT RUO Aged C gamma alumina for removing vitamin K-dependent clotting factors from plasmas. Thus to make your own QC abnormals. X9111 50ml bottle
ELLAGIC ACID(Powder) RUO For activating the intrinsic blood clotting mechanism in APTT and other clotting tests. Also, for research and point of care (POC) devices. Powder contains 10% ellagic acid-zinc complex in a carbohydrate base buffered with HEPES. X9552 1gm vial