Our newest product is DOAC Stop; a vital tool for any lab troubled by the new or direct oral anticoagulants. DOAC Stop removes all DOACs from sample plasmas without affecting other tests of haemostasis. Its effect is best measured using our uniformly-sensitive RVV-based DOAC-Test reagent and it complements our HEP-Stop (HRRS) for investigating unexpectedly prolonged APTT results. For lupus anticoagulant testing we have liquid stable dRVT-LS (LA Sensitive) and dRVT-LR (LA Resistant) reagents with "LS/LR" ratios being unaffected by VKA (Warfarin) or DOACs. There is also SACT II, a non-settling alternative to the classic kaolin clotting time (KCT) reagent and the Intrinsin APTT reagents; LA Sensitive and LA-Resistant. All these can be supplied ready for use or as powders for your own reconstitution. Our factor Xa- activated clotting time (XACT) test kit detects procoagulant phospholipids such as those on microparticles and activated platelets. We can supply synthetic phospholipid blends and also other procoagulant products such as soluble ellagic acid and equine collagen.

Other Products


Aged C gamma alumina for specifically and efficiently adsorbing vitamin K-dependent clotting factors from plasmas. Make your own QC abnormals.
X9111 - 50ml bottles, $110

A useful stabilising additive for expensive purified enzymes, clotting factors and in ELISAs. Australian sourced and therefore free of CJD.
X9402 - 50gm, $200

Contains 100ml of 4% BSA in 10mM citrate 20mM HEPES, 0.05% sodium azide, pH 7.2
X9401 - 100ml, $80

A purified fibrous collagen prepared from horse Achilles tendons. Suitables for CBA ELISAs. Solutions also available for platelet aggregation testing.
X9310 - 1 gm, $120

Clottable protein 99% readily soluble and highly stable fibrinogen for a variety of lab usages, for example QC and for plasmas with low fibrinogen.
X9108 - 1 gm, $110

SOLCOLL - Soluble Collagen Dispersion
Solcoll is a solubilised full length equine collagen type I/III for potential use in platelet aggregation testing, platelet adhesion and collagen binding studies.
X9315 - 10ml, $400

ELLAGIC ACID - Soluble Complex
A yellowish powder containing 10% ellagic acid-zinc complex and stabilizers. Gradually dispersable in water or 0.02M HEPES buffer at 10% or lower concentrations to form a contact activator solution.
X9552 - 1g, $500