Purified Proteins

Purified Human Proteins and Enzymes

Activated Protein C RUO Human EZ004B
on demand
EZ004C 1x100μg
Anti-Thrombin (AT) RUO Human PP004K 6x1IU
PP004B 1x10IU
PP004L 10x10IU
PP004D 1x25IU
PP004M 10x25IU
PP004C 1x10mg
C4b-Binding Protein RUO Human PP015A
on demand
Factor VII RUO Human PP013A 1x100μg
Factor IX RUO Human PP007A
on demand
Factor IXa RUO Human EZ010B
on demand
Factor X RUO Human PP008A
on demand
Factor Xa RUO Human EZ007A
on demand
on demand
on demand
Factor XIIa RUO Human EZ012A
on demand
Fibrinogen RUO Human PP001K 6x5mg
PP001B 1x100mg
PP001C 1x1g
Fibrinogen. salt free RUO Human PP001R 1x100mg
Fibrinogen, plasminogen free RUO Human PP002K 6x5mg
PP002B 1x100mg
PP002C 1x1g
Fibrinogen Fragment D RUO Human PP016A 1x200μg
Fibrin Fragment E (FFE) RUO Human PP020A 1x200μg
Plasmin RUO Human EZ014A
on demand
on demand
Plasminogen RUO Human PP005B 1x1.5mg
Platelet Factor 4 (PF4) RUO Human PP003A 1x100μg
Prekallikrein Pool RUO Human PP501K 6x2ml
Protein C RUO Human PP009A
on demand
Protein S RUO Human PP012A
on demand
Protein Z RUO Human PP011A 1x100μg
Prothrombin RUO Human PP006B 1x1mg
Thrombin RUO Human EZ006O 1x10NIH
EZ006K 6x10NIH
EZ006A 1x100NIH
EZ006L 10x100NIH
EZ006B 1x1000NIH
Urokinase type Plasminogen Activator (uPA) RUO Human EZ005A
on demand
1x1,000 units
on demand
1x10,000 units
on demand
1x100,000 units

Purified Recombinant Human Proteins

Recombinant Hirudin RUO Human RE120A 1x16,000ATU
RE120B 1x160,000ATU

Purified Bovine Proteins and Enzymes

Factor Xa RUO Bovine BE101C 1x15μg
BE101D 1x30μg
BE101L 10x30μg
BE101O 1x50μg
BE101K 6x50μg
BE101B 1x0.5mg
Fibrinogen RUO Bovine BP101B 1x1g
Thrombin RUO Bovine BE102A 1x21NIH
BE102K 6x21NIH
BE102B 1x100NIH
BE102C 1x1000NIH
BE501C 1x500NIH
BE501K 10X500NIH

Other Enzymes

Protac RUO EZ011B
on demand
1x5 units
Rabbit rec. Tissue Factor RUO RE030A
on demand

Chromogenic Substrates

BIOPHEN™ CS-01(38) RUO Thrombin Chromgenic Substrate 229001 1x25mg
229001C 12x25mg
BIOPHEN™ CS-01(81) RUO Thrombin Chromogenic Substrate 229005 1x25mg
BIOPHEN™ CS-11(32) RUO Factor Xa Chromogenic Substrate 229011 1x25mg
BIOPHEN™ CS-11(65) RUO Factor Xa Chromogenic Substrate 229014 1x25mg
229014C 12x25mg
BIOPHEN™ CS-11(22) RUO Factor Xa Chromogenic Substrate 229015 1x25mg
BIOPHEN™ CS-21(66) RUO Activated Protein C Chromogenic Substrate 229021 1x25mg
BIOPHEN™ CS-31(02) RUO Kallicrein Chromogenic substrate 229031 1x25mg
BIOPHEN™ CS-41(03) RUO Plasmin and Plasminogen-SK Chromogenic Substrate 229041 1x25mg
BIOPHEN™ CS-61(44) RUO Urokinase Chromogenic Substrate 229061 1x25mg
BIOPHEN™ CS-05(88) RUO tPA and broad spectrum Chromogenic substrate 229091 1x25mg

Other Plasma Factor Assay

ZYMUTEST™ Annexin V RUO RK004A 96 tests
ZYMUTEST™ β2GPI RUO RK022A 96 tests
ZYMUTEST™ Fibronectin RUO RK028A
on demand
96 tests

Other Deficient Plasma

Factor XIII Deficient Plasma RUO DP200A 1x1mL
DP200K 6x1mL
Protein C Deficient Plasma RUO DP100A 1x1mL
DP100K 6x1mL
Protein S Deficient Plasma RUO DP110A 1x1mL
DP110K 6x1mL
vWF Deficient Plasma RUO DP150A 1x1mL
DP150K 6x1mL
Prekallikrein Deficient Plasma RUO DP310A 1x1mL
DP310K 6x1mL

Animal Models

ELISA method for PAI-1 antigen and Activity in rat sample.

ZYMUTEST™ Rat PAI-1 Activity RUO RK003A 96 tests