Xa activated clotting time test


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Haematex developed a new factor Xa activated clotting time (XACT) kit for detecting procoagulant phospholipid which turns out to be an excellent marker for platelet activation, hypercoagulability and presence of microparticles. The XACT is providing interesting results in various hypercoagulable clinical conditions and is marketed as "PPL test" by Stago outside of Australia. Clinical evaluation of a new functional test for detection of plasma procoagulant phospholipids. van Dreden et al. Blood Coag. and Fibrinoloysis 2009; 20:494-502).

For detecting activated platelets and microparticles expressing phosphatidyl serine in vitro and in acquired prothrombotic conditions. Based on a factor Xa-activated clotting time but carried out like a PT test. (See Exner T, et al. Bl Coag. & Fibrinolysis 2003:14; 773).

Kits include FXa reagent, phospholipid deficient plasma for 120 tests as well as phospholipid calibrators and detailed instructions. All individual components also available on request. Kits are for Research Use Only.
X9901 - 120 tests kit